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Psychological support

Psychological support for employees is a new standard of care for wellbeing, well-being and mental health in an organization. Meetings with a psychologist or psychotherapist are a good way to calmly and carefully look at your own needs and to develop adequate and thoughtful ways of coping with difficulties.


Employees who benefit from such assistance:

  • regain mental balance 

  • they cope better with difficult emotions

  • build healthy relationships at work and outside

  • they care about work life balance

  • they feel greater satisfaction

  • they cope better with stress and pressure

  • know how to rest

This type of benefits for employees is also expected to bring benefits at the organizational level:

  • reduced rotation

  • increased involvement

  • limiting the number of sick leaves

  • preventing burnout

  • increase in effective attendance at work

Our help can be used by both employees and managers who want to take care of psychological comfort, well-being and healthy efficiency in their own work.
and his colleagues . 

Meetings are currently held online , with complete anonymity . We are happy to answer all your questions - call us and find out how we can support you.


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