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Technologia informacyjna
Co-workers in Modern Office

For the employee

  • Individual sessions with a psychologist

  • Support for personal well-being, mental condition and mental health

  • Assistance in professional development and achieving goals thanks to psychological support and dedicated training

  • Tools that help you deal with stress and overload

  • Burnout Prevention 

Support for IT

We offer special activities aimed at broadly understood employees

IT and department employees  HR of these organizations.

Bearing in mind the specificity of this work, we propose activities related to:


  • building awareness of the role of mental health in maintaining effectiveness

  • the subject of work life balance - especially in remote mode

  • coping with stress and time pressure in projects

  • motivation and communication in remote teams

  • building good relationships with colleagues in remote work mode

  • improving communication in hybrid teams

  • impostor syndrome

  • depressed mood and depression

In our methodology, we draw on the Solution Focus Approach , which is now becoming more and more popular not only in 

Scrum  and Agile or Lean methodology,  but also as an innovative approach to management in general.


Our support is:

Webinars - topics of online meetings relate to the issues you have selected

Individual sessions with a psychologist - completely anonymous, employees set the session dates that are convenient for them

Workshops - concern the most important aspects of cooperation in a given team

Prezentacja w biurze

For the organization

  • Specialist support of our experts dedicated to employees

  • Tools and help for managers
    and team leaders to better achieve the intended goals 

  • Workshops and webinars tailored
    to the needs
    of both the teams and their leaders  

  • Providing new data and tools for the HR department to support the culture of the organization and the well-being of employees

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