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Certificate for 

Mental Health at Work

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Implementation of actions for healthy efficiency

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Join the group of organizations that work to support Healthy Effectiveness at work!


Participation in the certification program is an implementation of the pillars of healthy efficiency step by step. Activities are clearly planned and structured. After completing each of the stages, we confirm your achievements with an appropriate certificate.


The program supports employers in building a friendly work environment. One in which employees can use their full potential, are effective and motivated, are able to build healthy relationships and derive satisfaction from their professional life.


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Bronze certificate

This is a confirmation of the implementation of the basics of the healthy work efficiency program.

Silver certificate

It confirms the planned and systematic implementation of the pillars of healthy efficiency

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Gold certificate

Awarded to organizations that build the program into their organizational culture

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The healthy efficiency support program is aimed at employees of various organizations, both large and small. Participation in the program ending with certification is a clear proof of the organization's commitment to building a healthy workplace.




It is a way of appreciating organizations where people experience positive emotions and can enjoy good relationships with others.


This is a confirmation that the effectiveness of employees is perceived through the prism of their needs and capabilities, so that employees can use their full potential.


It is a signal for potential employees that their future employer values ​​a balance between private and professional life.



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