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Tylko 20 minut

Mental SPA

The Christmas season is a good time to give employees the opportunity to take care after a year of turmoil  about  mental balance and well-being.  


As part of the voucher, the employee will receive:

  • preliminary  evaluation  mental well-being - on the basis of a completed questionnaire  

  • conversation  with a psychologist regarding the results of the questionnaire


  • the possibility of taking care of your mental well-being

  • a quiet time to listen to your own  thoughts and emotions

  • learning about mental health areas worth developing

  • checking whether consultations with a psychologist are helpful

"Mental SPA" is by definition a time of respite, which is to be helpful in finding mental balance.

The service time is divided into two parts:

  • 15 minutes are spent on completing the questionnaire

  • thirty  minutes for a phone or online conversation with a psychologist

We deliver vouchers in electronic or traditional form so that they can be a gift.

The price of the voucher depends on the quantity ordered:

up to 50 vouchers - PLN 160 / voucher

up to 100 vouchers - PLN 140 / voucher

over 100 vouchers - PLN 130 / voucher

Please contact us at no. tel 602 103 370 and address

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