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Training and workshops


Warsztaty radzenia sobie ze stresem - praktyczne techniki i narzędzia


Work life balance w praktyce - szkolenie dla managerów z podstaw wellbeing w zarządzaniu zespołem


Budowanie relacji w zespole zdalnym - komunikacja na wagę złota


Wypalenie zawodowe - przeciwdziałanie i reagowanie na pierwsze symptomy

We offer training and workshops in the field of healthy efficiency and mental health at work. Teams, leaders and managers participating in our trainings gain practical skills:

  • building healthy relationships in the team

  • shaping leadership based on trust

  • dealing with emotions in difficult situations

  • conduct tough conversations in the spirit of feedforeward

  • creating a work environment that allows you to maintain work life balance

  • recognizing and responding to early symptoms of occupational burnout


We offer training for all employees in which we show how:

  • build mental resilience

  • manage emotions

  • to cope with stress,

  • build effective communication and cooperation in a team

  • counteract burnout

  • recognize the symptoms of reduced mental well-being

All our trainings are tailored to a given organization, thanks to the initial diagnosis they respond to real needs and expectations. We currently run live and online.

Call us - we'll be happy to tell you more!

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