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Nastoletnie Studenci podniesienie rąk

Support for teachers' councils

Responding to the emerging needs of school and university institutions ,  Mental Health at Work offers activities aimed at psychological support for people associated with education in such difficult times.  

Bearing in mind the needs and specificity of your role, we propose activities related to:

  • coping with everyday and long-term stress at work

  • influencing your emotions and well-being as a prevention of depression

  • strengthening mental resilience

  • developing work life balance , especially in remote teaching

  • counteracting burnout

  • building good relationships with colleagues, colleagues and colleagues from work


By carrying out activities aimed at providing psychological support to the teaching staff, we are focused on meeting your needs.  

Our support will be based primarily on:

Workshops, helping to reduce stress, counteracting  professional burnout as well as developing communication between colleagues and in the employer-subordinate relationship.

Webinars where the flexibility of topics allows  raise the issues selected by you and the online formula - everyone can take part.

Individual psychological sessions, which are completely anonymous and it is the employees who decide on the date of their session - so that they are at the most convenient time for them.

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