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Spotkanie na korytarzu

The Mental Health Partner program is a three-month training for HR department employees, leaders and managers.

During the training, participants acquire knowledge and necessary skills in the area of:

  • the mental well-being of employees

  • creating a work environment conducive to maintaining healthy efficiency

  • recognizing disturbing signals concerning the mental well-being of employees

  • conducting interventional interviews with employees in relation to disturbing behavior

  • using tools that help build mental balance and resilience

  • analyzing observations and implementing actions both in direct contact with employees and at the level of the organization.


21 h 


You take part in lectures and practical workshops every week (Friday, 3h) online. Each meeting is conducted by a specialist in a given area.

Registration starts in September!

3 h


You have the option of choosing an expert who will accompany you in your studies, provide support in specific cases, and prepare and plan activities together with you.


The certificate is a confirmation of your knowledge and skills related to caring for the mental well-being of employees, both at the level of individual contact with an employee and at the organizational level.

Contact us to find out all the organizational details and the training program.

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